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Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017, 06:31

Pandora will undertake a “strategic review”

Pandora will undertake a “strategic review”

In true PANDORA pandora gift set style, the collection boasts quality, hand-finished jewellery — lots of shiny, sterling silver treasures to choose from and a standout capsule of rose-coloured pieces too. To ensure there is something to hit every wish list, the designs range from contemporary chic to more vintage-inspired and elegant items.

We'll be shopping the glittering drop earrings, inspired by shooting stars, for our best friends, and the fun and festive Christmas-themed charms for younger sisters and relatives — the pandora charms disney perfect PANDORA charm bracelet addition. For mum, however, only a statement piece will do. Something from the PANDORA Rose range or the sleek Moments Open bangle will be sure to delight come Christmas morning.

Our favourite trick? The one-stop-shop. Honing in on the right brands makes it entirely possible to buy beautiful, thoughtful presents for a good chunk of your list all at once. Case in point: PANDORA pandora rose charms have just released their Christmas collection for 2017, and believe us when we say there is a stunning piece here for every woman in your life.

Pandora will undertake a “strategic review” of whether it will sell itself to an acquirer. If not, it’s agreed to take a cash infusion to maintain “a strong balance sheet” as it struggles to shift from radio to the increasingly popular on-demand streaming model.

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