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Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017, 09:28

converse shoes for men

Two new colorways of the converse shoes will be releasing tomorrow in collaboration with pro skateboarder Sage Elsesser.Available in either a tonal blue suede option or a tonal white leather option, these special editions of the Converse One Star include a gold foil rose on the tongues, special graphic insoles, a seamless toe, a star logo on the heel, and white rubber midsoles.Both pairs release tomorrow at select Converse Skateboarding retailers for $80 each. Will you be going after either pair?

The converse shoes for men recently released and was introduced as the latest modernized version of the iconic model. This is definitely not the look we’re used to see on the model but that’s fortunately, that’s not a bad thing.Ditching the classic canvas upper, the Converse Modern Lux comes dressed in a tumbled leather upper done in an all-White motif. Opting for a very minimalist approach, the shoe comes with embossed hits on the eyestays, toe cap and branding on the ankle. Additional features include the high rubber foxing and the raw-edge round leather laces all while sitting on top of a full-length phylon outsole. Converse manages to keep the blueprint of the model while also giving it a complete modern makeover.

Fans of the converse all star will be happy to hear that Converse Japan is bringing the classic Converse model in two brand new tonal offerings. Coming in your choice of Mustard Yellow or Cobalt Blue, let’s get a closer look at both sneakers that are available now.The Converse Stars & Bars Suede comes dressed in a clean premium tonal suede upper. The tonal look is broken up the the White “Stars & Stripes” branding placed on the medial and lateral side of the shoe.

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