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Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017, 09:35

cheap pandora charms

Today brings a quick heads-up for readers in the US and Canada, where two pandora bracelets summer promotions are beginning today! This is a slightly unusual case, as Pandora NA normally run the same promotion for both the US and Canada, but in this instance each region will have their own offer.The promotions in both regions will be running from 6–16 July – read on for details!

In the US, pandora charms on sale are offering you a free ring, pair of earrings or a leather bracelet with spends of $100 USD or more. Unusually for the US, this is available both in store and online – I wonder if that will just be the norm going forward!Officially, you are only allowed to upgrade your free item if you’re going for a ring or earrings – you can’t swap the leather for a more expensive charm bracelet and pay the difference. I don’t know whether all stores will be sticking to that rule, however. It can vary!

We already saw a sneak peek of most of the pandora earrings 2017 collection, which brings us new characters in the form of Bambi, Thumper and Lilo & Stitch. This charm is something a little extra special for the holiday season, however, and will be presented in limited edition gift packaging as well. As far as I’m aware, it’ll be offered in all regions that currently carry the Disney line. :)

Following from yesterday’s Autumn 2017 preview, today’s post brings my next review from the cheap pandora charms, with a closer look at the Sunny Doll charm! If you don’t recognise this one, or haven’t seen it in your local store, it’s because it’s another Asian exclusive bead. :)This little bead offers one of Pandora’s most interesting and unique designs of 2017 to date, and I knew that I had to have this one as soon as I first got the stock image for it! With the help of a kind friend in Singapore, my Sunny Doll arrived not long after the Summer 2017 launch at the beginning of the month.

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